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Monstera cf. ‘lechleriana’

Monstera cf. ‘lechleriana’

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• Listing is for various-sized propagations of Monstera cf. ‘lechleriana’
(Mother plant pictured in first three images)

• This unique Monstera starts off small with entire leaves, but quickly matured and produces large, highly-fenestrated leaves and grows vigorously

• There is much ambiguity with this species, with some saying it’s not “true lechleriana” or potentially an undescribed adansonii form. It was, however, sold to me as lechleriana, so I will retain that label until inflorescence confirms or denies these claims

• I am not responsible for damages or delays incurred by USPS. I packed every plant with the utmost care and include heat packs for plants such as these in the event of inclement or cold weather  

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