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Monstera cf. obliqua “Peru”

Monstera cf. obliqua “Peru”

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• Listing is for established props of Monstera cf. obliqua ‘Peru,’ all rooted into the pole segments they’re growing from. This form is different than the ruffled, filamentous obliqua “Peru” more commonly sold in cultivation

• A fascinating form of obliqua from Peru, this Monstera sports impressive circular fenestration from the midrib, usually in sets of 2. As they mature, the fenestrations get more complex and filamentous

• Though juvenile plants are entire-leaved, they begin to fenestrate quickly as they put on size

• I am not responsible for damages or delays incurred by USPS. I packed every plant with the utmost care and include heat packs for plants such as these in the event of inclement or cold weather

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