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Monstera croatii (Matt)

Monstera croatii (Matt)

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• Listing is for Monstera croatii divisions off of my mother plant

• An extremely rare and enigmatic species out of Costa Rica, this is a very exclusive opportunity to get ahold of one of the most fascinating & unique species in the genus

• This species is incredibly glaucous & pinnatifid, fenestrating deeply with maturity. They’ve also been described as being of near terrestrial habit, with plants reaching maturity on the ground and only climbing minimal, limited heights before producing an inflorescence. They have incredibly short internodes (1-2.4mm in juveniles, 1-1.5cm in mature plants), which lends to their difficulty/scarcity in cultivation

• I am not responsible for damages or delays incurred by USPS. I packed every plant with the utmost care and include heat packs for plants such as these in the event of inclement or cold weather

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