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Monstera filamentosa *EXTREMELY RARE*

Monstera filamentosa *EXTREMELY RARE*

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• For the first time ever, arguably the rarest Monstera in cultivation. This is the one and only Monstera filamentosa. I recently cut my mother plant in order to activate more nodes, and for the first time ever I’m able to start some propagations. This beautiful Monstera starts off as a shingler and then starts to fenestrate with jagged filaments as it begins to mature

• A member of the Monstera section Marcgraviopsis, this aroid shingles in its juvenile state before pushing off its host tree, developing deep fenestrations and perforations throughout its leaf that are head together only by the most minute filaments

•This species is considered difficult to grow reliably, but has a rapid growth rate once started

• I am not responsible for damages or delays incurred by USPS. I packed every plant with the utmost care and include heat packs for plants such as these in the event of inclement or cold weather

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